Mobile Wireless Cards: Are they all they are cracked up to be?

By now we have all heard Verizon, Sprint and Cingular pitching their newest product, a mobile wireless card.  The question is, are they worth it?

Like everything, the answer depends on your needs.

The Travelers Secret Weapon

Do you spend hours in airports?  If so, most airports usually offer 24 hour internet access for $10 or so.  If you are buying this multiple times monthly it may pay.  The beauty of this product is if you have a small enough laptop you can also make a trip in a taxi cab a productive or entertaining experience by having internet access.

The Wanderers Escape

If you typically spend a lot of time away from home base, staying at friends house or traveling around you never know what your destination will bring for access.  A wireless card will hook you up almost anywhere.

Where it becomes frustrating, if you are broadband user and typically doing things beyond regular internet surfing or emailing this product is not for you.  FTPing, downloading videos, or trying to VPN are almost near impossible with the connection speeds currently offered.

You also have to be careful as the actual Wireless Card can differ depending on your laptop.  If you have a Blackberry some providers offer a solution where you can run your computers access through the Blackberry, this makes things cheaper because you are already probably paying for a data plan on your blackberry.

If you are a user and looking to buy a new laptop Dell and other providers are starting to build Wirless Antennas into your computers base allowing you not have to purchase an add-on card.

If you do 90% or more of your computing at home base this product is probably not for you.

Further information:

Happy Surfing!!!

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  1. Hah, I didn’t even know it had the buttons on top, tnkahs! I’ve had mine for two days. I have the screen ripple, and an earphone jack that works sometimes. What I really hate though is when the phone rings, or I get a text etc. It only rings ONE time! I have missed so many calls because of that. I don’t like the stupid ridges on the keys either. Coming from a Curve, harder to type. Plus it’s really slick, hard to hold on to. I have to get a silicone cover.Good review, tnkahs!

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