Mozilla Profit Over $200 Million in 2005 – How?

So Mozilla announced that in 2005 they made over $200 million in revenue. Explain how and the lovely little google toolbar.

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  1. Great program!I have 2 glithces (or I don’t know what I’m doing issues), both in Options/Time Format/Custom format for the tooltip.1) Preview isn’t live, and isn’t a preview. Eg if code contains , when the preview catches up all that is shown is [colbreak]. When first installed there are three default time zones and they need to shown in the preview. As the workaround is to press Apply and hover over your icon, the easiest fix might be to remove the Preview!2) I’m attempting to code this information :The information after is identical to one of the standard formats and is left justified. That’s the way I’ve always used it up to now. The code and daylight saving data (3 to 5 characters) is to the left of , and is right justified. I want it left justified. I tried adding another to the start, but that effectively disables the second and the data just runs together. SUGGESTION:Foxclocks is marvellous because it is ideal for two purposes (I only use the tooltip hover mode to avoid clutter).1) A shortlist of timezones that one works with regularly (generally a short list);2) A general reference tool (a long list).The use of Foxclocks for both purposes simultaneously would be greatly enhanced if the formatting of individual status bar clocks could be extended to tooltip entries (eg make entries used most bold, and/or a different colour).Thanks

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